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HIPAA Navigator-T

Comprehensive and complete.

HIPAA Navigator-T includes all the functionality and materials you need to assess your HIPAA readiness, develop a plan, and manage both your implementation and ongoing compliance.


  • Forms and contracts – all the required forms and contracts are included in Word format for easy editing, and are customized with your company information.
  • Transactions and Code Sets manual – a full transactions and code sets manual, written in easily digestible format, is included and linked to the software. The manual contains all the required policies and procedures you will need.
  • Training materials – a full set of materials to conduct HIPAA 101 training for your staff.
  • Checklists – check-off forms for determining disclosure requirements, what content is required for forms, and what procedures are required.
  • Worksheets – step by step instructions and forms to help you survey trading partners and coding practices and identify systems.
  • Additional Information – all the standards in PDF format, and relevant white papers on HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets.


Assessment and Implementation

HIPAA Navigator starts with a questionnaire designed to determine what kind of entity your organization is, and what transactions you do on a daily basis that make you subject to HIPAA requirements. This approach allows you to focus on compliance – addressing issues which will make you compliant.

At the end of the assessment questionnaire, initial compliance results are compiled and action items generated. You get a snapshot of your compliance status and areas which need to be addressed. The action items are prioritized, so you can start working on the most critical tasks right away.

The action items are presented to you in an intuitive, interactive format. All the relevant HIPAA information is collected and organized, and simple step by step instructions lead you through the process of reviewing policies and procedures and generating forms.

Action items can be delegated to others in your organization - functional experts and others identified to share responsibilities for Transactions and Code Sets compliance.

To aid in planning your implementation activities, HIPAA Navigator helps generate an action plan - a Gantt chart of all the tasks required, so you can lay out your schedule and track progress against milestones. Resources identified in the delegation step are exported to the project file.

Documentation and Reporting

HIPAA Navigator keeps track of your progress by calculating a real-time compliance score, and keeping track of key dates. At the end of your compliance effort, you can generate an audit report to demonstrate compliance. All action items and associated tasks are tracked for you, and status reports keep you on top of what remains to be done.

A full set of reports is available, providing both results of your initial Gap Analysis and documentation of our compliance activities to date.

Reference and Training

HIPAA Navigator is not only an assessment and compliance tool, but also a reference for Transactions Officers as they navigate HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets and learn about new policies and procedures. Once you’re done with HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets implementation, Navigator becomes a reference tool for Transactions Officers and a training platform for organizations and their staffs.

The reference module allows Transactions Officers to look up policies, procedures, regulations, state preemption, and any other information relevant to a number of privacy subjects; they can also use this module to generate forms.

The training module contains training for HIPAA 101 and includes a knowledge quiz, scoring, and reporting to meet HIPAA requirements. Why pay for web-based training solutions when you can get them all in one package?

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