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Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information

Publication in the Federal Register occured on December 28, 2000. This rule became effective April 14, 2001. Normally, the effective date is 60 days after a rule is published. The Privacy Rule was published on December 28, 2000 (the effective date would have been February 26, which is 60 days after December 28), but due to a minor glitch, didn't become effective until April 14, 2001. Therefore, compliance is required for the Privacy Rule on April 14, 2003 (April 14, 2004, for small health plans).



Subpart A – General Provisions

160.101 Statutory basis and purpose.
160.102 Applicability.
160.103 Definitions.
160.104 Modifications.

Subpart B – Preemption of State Law

160.201 Applicability.
160.202 Definitions.
160.203 General rule and exceptions.
160.204 Process for requesting exception determinations.
160.205 Duration of effectiveness of exception determinations.

Subpart C – Compliance and Enforcement

160.300 Applicability.

160.302 Definitions.

160.304 Principles for achieving compliance.

160.306 Complaints to the Secretary.

160.308 Compliance reviews.

160.310 Responsibilities of covered entities.

160.312 Secretarial action regarding complaints and compliance reviews.


Subpart A – General Provisions

164.102 Statutory basis.

164.104 Applicability.

164.106 Relationship to other parts.

Subparts B-D – [Reserved]

Subpart E – Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information

164.500 Applicability.

164.501 Definitions.

164.502 Uses and disclosures of protected health information: general rules.

164.504 Uses and disclosures: organizational requirements.

164.506 Consent for uses or disclosures to carryout treatment, payment, and health care operations

164.508 Uses and disclosures for which an authorization is required.

164.510 Uses and disclosures requiring an opportunity for the individual to agree or to object.

164.512 Uses and disclosures for which consent, an authorization, or opportunity to agree or object is not required.

164.514 Other requirements relating to uses and disclosures of protected health information.

164.520 Notice of privacy practices for protected health information.

164.522 Rights to request privacy protection for protected health information.

164.524 Access of individuals to protected health information.

164.526 Amendment of protected health information.

164.528 Accounting of disclosures of protected health information.

164.530 Administrative requirements.

164.532 Transition requirements.

164.534 Compliance dates for initial implementation of the privacy standards.

Technical Corrections (Published 12/28/00)

Office for Civil Rights; Statement of Delegation of Authority


Hard copies may be ordered from the Federal Register. Send your request to: New Orders, Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Specify the date of the issue requested (12/28/00) and enclose a check or money order payable to the Superintendent of Documents, or enclose your Visa or Master Card number and expiration date. Credit card orders can also be placed by calling the order desk at (202) 512-1800 or by fax to (202) 512-2250. The cost for each copy is $8.00. As an alternative, you can view and photocopy the Federal Register document at most libraries designated as Federal Depository Libraries and at many other public and academic libraries throughout the country that receive the Federal Register.


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