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Tyler Cooper & Alcorn, LLP

Tyler Cooper & Alcorn's health law practice and labor and employment practice are actively involved in assisting health care providers and others with their HIPAA compliance efforts. They regularly design and provide general educational sessions for the people in your organization who are responsible for HIPAA compliance. These sessions can take place at any time during the process of implementing your HIPAA compliance program and can be customized to address the target audience and the timing of the session.

Their HIPAA services also include: help with your organization's assessment of privacy practices, policies and procedures, an analysis of other state and federal laws, development of HIPAA policies, procedures and forms, implementation assistance, business associate contracts, and ongoing consultation.

TCA and HIPAAssociates have partnered to produce Connecticut-ready HIPAA Privacy forms, policies and procedures for clients, and to provide joint expertise to provider and payer clients.

Safety Compliance Services, Inc.

Safety Compliance Services, Inc. provides OSHA Compliance Programs and Training for the Health Care, Construction & Industrial Industries. They service New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. Their compliance programs include physical inspections, risk assessment, customized written safety plans, and satisfy training, record keeping, and labeling requirements.

Safety Compliance Services has partnered with HIPAAssociates to help provide comprehensive OSHA and HIPAA compliance services in the New York and Connecticut markets.

Interactive Security Training, LLC

Interactive Security Training, LLC was born out of a need of customers of Connecticut Online Services (COWS) to learn how to protect and design their networks. Cows had been training their customers in the "Art of Network Security" for years and decided to spin off a company whose focus is consulting and training. Interactive Security Training, LLC has a staff certified by all the major computer vendors; this allows them to use their knowledge and skill to provide clients with the best of breed solutions. They offer consulting and training in the following areas: CISCO Technologies, CISSP preparation courses, HIPAA Training, Microsoft Technologies, Network Security, PKI Concepts and Planning, and other technologies.

Interactive Security Training has partnered with HIPAAssociates to provide HIPAA security training and analysis to clients.

I-TransCrypt, Inc.

I-TransCrypt, Inc is a Transcription Application Service Provider (TASP).

ASP stands for Application Service Provider, and a transcription ASP is one that serves primarily transcription functions. They provide an end-to-end transcription solution from the dictating user to the transcriptionist and back, all with a high level of security and workflow automation. They have made an investment into servers, firewalls, software and security technologies, as well as high-speed voice and data connectivity, and "rent" the use of their services.

They have wrapped all of this technology together into a collaborative transcription application called QuickScript.

I-Transcrypt has partnered with HIPAAssociates to provide HIPAA-ready transcription services to clients.


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